Singing is good for the health


Food and music go together when we celebrate birthdays and holidays at home. We rarely go out and eat in restos, most of the time we cook or order food and have them here at home where we can eat all we can and to top the occasion we have our videoke machine ready for non-stop singing, hehehe. Yes all family members are music lovers and can belt out a tune or two quite good except me, lol.. Listening to music and singing is a good way of relaxation and experts say singing is good for the health specially for the heart because:

“It’s a great way to keep in shape because you are exercising your lungs and heart. Not only that, your body produces ‘feel good‘ hormones called endorphins, which rush around your body when you sing.”

Besides singing along with a videoke machine, learning to play musical instruments like guitar to accompany you is a good way to tap your other talent, you can visit website like to see more musical instruments of your interest.


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