Sleep Deprivation Effects


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of having a good health. Lack of sleep deprive the body of the much needed rest that could lead to stress and irritability affecting  productivity at home, school or work. It also affects our well-being causing illness, obesity, depression, absent-mindedness and tumultuous relationships with loved-ones, friends and people around you.

Good sleep can be attained via relaxing environment in your bedroom or sleeping quarter. It should be quiet, cozy and dimly lit with comfortable bed and pillows to sleep in. Speaking of beds and pillows, there are a lot you can find  in online store like where you can choose what types of pillows that are suited for your needs.


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Off to my Zumba/Aero Tuesday class

Zumba day

Still fresh looking – before the work-out

It’s Tuesday… this is when I start my Aerobics/Zumba work-out session, 3 times a week. Our color for the day is orange. Zumba is not only to keep me fit but my stress reliever as well. My week is not complete without having to attend at least once, but I always make it a point to attend it regularly and if my schedule permits, four times the most.

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. – Buddha


after our Zumba with my Zumba/Aeromates

I got to meet new people and acquire new friends, unlike before where I just stayed at home the whole day, tidying the house, attending to family needs and then sits in front of the computer to do my online tasks. Now I have allotted a few hours in a week for myself which is a big respite from the boredom I was experiencing before. As the saying goes “healthy body is a healthy mind”, I can say I’m not only fit physically but renewed and happy in the company of my new-found friends, creating a more blissful relationship with my family, I even persuading my husband to join, but he’s still reluctant being seen dancing(?)  lol…  he’d rather walk or ride his bike as his exercise.  :P

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June 20 is National Wellness Day

*Press Release*

Did you know that 9 of the 10 leading causes of death in the Philippines are health related? And did you also know that just by eating better, making small lifestyle changes and doing moderate activity on most days of the week, we can reduce the risk of many diseases and increase our quality of life?

National Wellness Day 2014

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) is advocating health and wellness in the workplace as one of the most important issues that companies need to address today. With this, PMAP will hold a nationwide event called National Wellness Day that is envisioned to be participated by various companies in the country, both PMAP and non-PMAP members, on June 20, 2014.

PMAP Trustee for Fellowship and Wellness Mitch G. Guce said that through the years, the organization have organized employee activities like sports fests, family day events and the likes for its member companies. “This time, we want to come up with an activity that will help promote awareness among employers and employees about the importance of being physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.“

PMAP also presented a suggested program format that companies can use as a guide for a half-day event that they can organize in their respective workplaces. It includes company-sponsored healthy lunch and snack; learning sessions on work-life balance, holistic and spirituality; and the 7-Minute PMAP Wellness Moment, a quick wellness activity that involves stretching and meditation to be done simultaneously across the nation by employees at exactly 3:00 pm on June 20.

The wellness moment involves the following activities: (a) 2-minute stretching/ self-massage, (b) 2-minute of silence (to pray or meditate), (c) minute dance/ jog in place/ jump or hop and (d) 1-minute clapping/ laughing or handshakes with colleagues.

Companies who will join in the event are encouraged to document their participation through videos and/ or photos and send a copy to the PMAP Secretariat to be included in the list of companies who will be recognized with a workplace wellness certificate during a PMAP event.

“We encourage all our members to participate in this worthy activity likewise to discuss to your employees our advocacy on how to stay fit and become more productive members of our society,” Guce added.

PMAP Wellness People

The People Management Association of the Philippine (PMAP) recently promoted over cable TV channel GNN the nationwide event called National Wellness Day to be participated by various companies in the country happening on June 20, 2014. During the recent episode of The Workplace with Marybeth Nave (3rd from right), the group presented a 7-Minute PMAP Wellness Moment, a quick wellness activity that involves stretching and meditation to be done simultaneously across the nation by employees at exactly 3:00 pm on June 20. In the photo (from left) PMAP Communications Specialist Richard H. Mamuyac; Trustee for PR and Publicity Committee Jesse Francis N. Rebustillo, Trustee for Fellowship and Wellness Michelle G. Guce; Chair for Fellowship and Wellness Committee Carmie De Leon and Healthway Medical Marketing Manager Joven A. Alcala.

Aside for this initiative, PMAP is also organizing the National Wellness Summit happening at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on August 28, 2014 which will showcase the best corporate best practices on wellness in the workplace, health and fitness activities, company booths and others exciting surprises.

For queries regarding the event, interested parties can contact Ms. Agnes Junio of PMAP through tel. no. 726-1532 loc. 306 or email,ph. Details are also posted on

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