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Invest in Some Pizzazz


Jewelry is one of the oldest known types of artifacts unearthed by archaeologists. Jewelry has a rich history depicted in the art of ancient people. As now, the ancients used many types of materials for their jewelry. Gold, silver, gemstones, shells and even bones were used to fashion pieces to adorn the people. The status of a person could also be told by the type of jewelry worn or the materials from which it was made. Not as many conventions surround jewelry now and we have many more choices to enjoy.

Although status is not as important as it once was some traditions continue to thrive, such as wedding rings worn on the third finger of the left hand and class rings for high school seniors. Fads come and go and materials and/or designs fluctuate with the tastes of the era. Cameo brooches may no longer be in style but quality designed pieces are treasured by antique hunters proving that well-designed and crafted pieces never lose their value. This is a trait to take into consideration when shopping for someone special or for you!

Jewelry that makes a statement and defines the distinctive personality of the wearer can’t be surpassed. Finding a store that stocks several designers is a great way to compare and find just the right piece. Quality and superior craftsmanship set designer earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains and rings rungs higher than typical department store jewelry. The jewelers’ visions can be examined and inspected for just the right piece at places like Serendipity Designer Jewelry where you can screen browse, today’s equivalent of window shopping!

Designer creations are almost always a well-chosen gift or way to splurge on something nice you can do for yourself. Accomplishments of all kinds are reasons to applaud beloved recipients with a cherished gift. However, don’t forget treating yourself or someone to something special “just because.” Those are often the most memorable occasions not soon to be forgotten.

It has often been said that accessories make the outfit. The perfect jewelry adornments make the outfit but also helps make your personality shine. You know when you look good you feel good and feeling good adds a distinct pizzazz that can’t be hidden.

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Happy International Women’s Day

canvasI want to greet all the women in the world including me a Happy International Women’s Day or should I say Month.  And thanks to Google for this wonderful greetings and video included. Women of today have really come a long long way from being a plain housewife or relegated to just being a stay-at-home person with less or no privilege at all as those given to men (though very sad still that it wasn’t the same for some, specially those that practice old-age traditions where men are considered superior beings than women).  Most women of today were able to exercise their rights and hold positions in private corporations or government offices that before were only reserved for the opposite sex. Hobbies as playing big musical instruments with ingles bass stand at guitar center or doing extreme sports like car racing, mountain climbing, skydiving  to deep sea diving are now achieved by adventurous women of today, all test to the limits of what they can do, women empowerment. And I would say we’ve done a great job.

Happy  International Women’s Month!!!

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Is it Time for a Stress Check?

stressStress is one of the most common health concerns that people encounter today. Multi-tasking and a fast paced lifestyle are the usual stress inducers. It may be difficult to for a career woman to avoid stress but there are certainly ways to manage it. First is to identify the situations that cause stress and make adjustments to combat it. This may include a variety of changes in time management, striking a balance in work, family, and self, adopting healthy eating habits, and having a fitness routine. Finding a relaxing hobby, playing with musical keyboards from musicians friend or regular visits to the spa are also good options for relieving stress. In some cases, medical intervention is needed to avoid other health complications. If you find yourself juggling several tasks at a time or barely having time to unwind then you may want to get a stress check before it is too late.

image: www.noyes-health.org
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Exciting Fragrances of 2013


Chanel No. 5, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Perfume, and Ralph Lauren’s Polo are some of the timeless scents around but those who would like to have a fresh take on fragrances can take their whiff of designer fragrances that came out recently. If there is an exciting music stand clip at music stores then, even a non-perfume lover will definitely find a scent to love from the 2013 editions.

These include The One Desire by D&G, Victoria’s Secret Night for Women, YSL for Women Collector’s Editions, JLove by Jennifer Lopez for women, and Dahlia Noir l”Eau from Givenchy for women. Designer fragrances continue to dish out exciting scents that perfume lovers look forward to. There is no need to worry if you haven’t made a pick yet because you will always have options available.

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