Height, Weight and Waist Measurements for a Healthy Body

Body Mass Index MeasurementObesity is still one of the top health concerns that we face today. This is not just a concern for adults as there are also a growing number of childhood obesity observed in recent years. One way to address the issue is to be aware of the condition and the available tools that can be used to combat it. The BMI or body mass index is one tool that can be used to maintain a healthy body. It makes use of height and weight measurements to estimate the amount of body fat. This can be supplemented by a waist to hip ratio or a measurement of one’s waist and hips.  A guitar shaped body is definitely better than those that are shaped like mandolins. Studies show that those who are thicker around the waist are likely candidates for obesity. Aside from watching what you eat, you may also want to keep an eye out for your height, weight, and waist measurements to help maintain a healthy body.

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Make-Up for Teens

teen make-upSkin blemishes like acne or blackheads are a common dilemma for teens. Those who would like to rid themselves of such eyesores often use medications prescribed by dermatologists and conceal blemishes with the use of make-up. Teens and anyone with sensitive skin should be careful in choosing cosmetic products that they apply to their skin. One should go for tools that are best suited for their skin just as budding musicians would want the best guitar for beginners. Choosing hypoallergenic products for teens and using soft make-up brushes is a good way to start. Cosmetic brands like Almay, Clinique, AVON, and Neutrogena are some options that you can consider for your teen’s make-up.

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Quezon City’s bid in the Guinness World of Record for the Biggest Zumba event

Oct. 12, 2014 – Mark the date for QCZParty to be held in Quezon City Circle, this is in line with Quezon City Diamond Jubilee Celebration and bid to be in the Guinness World of Record for the biggest Outdoor Zumba Party.

Below is the Map and Registration details:  (please click photo for bigger view)



A repost from ZIN Roxy Araneta FB status – September 29   (thanks Zin Roxy for the updates!)

Only 5% of total participants needed to make a booboo and the whole multi-million peso event will FAIL! We need to know how to make this all work! QCZPARTY (formerly QC Dance To Guinness) is QC’s fun way to unite its citizens in the most partyful and playful and energetic and healthy way!

So take note:

1. NO-NO’s
> Jewelry
> Bringing of kids
> Dancers under 14 years old
> Selfies
> Putting anything on the floor
> Leaving the premises once you’re registered
> Leaving your 1 steward : 50 participants block during the 30 minute attempt
> Pausing
> Altering steps
> Slippers (you will not be let inside)
> Pets

2. YES-YES’s
> Register now, through www.qczparty.com or your barangay. We need to know how many tents for the senior contingent we need to prepare, how much event kits, stewards, medics and emergency vehicles we need to prepare.
> Bring belt bag or sling bag or small backpacks (for your water bottles, cellphones and money)
> Consider wearing adult diapers (NOT JOKING HERE!) because toilet breaks may take too long (during the 30 minute attempt)
> Dance to the best of your abilities
> Always look at instructors for directional cues and movement changes
> Remove the stress and feel re-energized when you scream/shout with us, as directed, during the routines
> Bring caps, shades, sunblock, if possible
> Consider your health. If you can stand the heat from waiting and dancing with thousands of people, do come. If not, we strongly advise that only those who know they can help this cause should come.

3. PARKING AND CARS will be allowed only as far as QC Hall. QMC will be free of any vehicles other than medical mobiles.

4. KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE at all times. We will be televised.

5. RAIN OR SHINE, THE ATTEMPT WILL PUSH THROUGH! There is no second chance for this QC attempt.

6. Non-QC residents and foreigners may also take part in this historic event. You must register online to avoid delays in the registration lines on Oct. 12. See www.qczparty.com.

7. REGISTRATION STARTS AT 1 PM and ends at 4 PM. Latecomers will not be counted nor allowed inside the barricaded dancing area.


AEROMATES in action

AEROMATES in action

Looks like our group the AEROMATES (headed by Mau and Zin Gerry) is ready to take the challenge, joining QCZParty for the Guinness World Record as the Outdoor Zumba event with biggest participants and will try to break the record of the current title holder which is India with more than six thousand participants.
We’ve been practicing for almost a month now with the help of different Licensed Zumba Instructors (ZIN) in coordination of our Congressman Alfred Vargas, since we will all have coordinated choreography and not just “so-so” or “what-ever-you-like” dance steps, because Guinness is very strict and we want to be perfect as not to be disqualified.


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