How PhilCare360 Helps

Living in the urban jungle we call the metro, it pays to be ready for any eventuality. As they say only the fittest survive and quite often it is the one most important point we forget to factor whilst we go about our daily businesses, that is staying fit. And if we think about it, we look around and we see a lot of information that eventually overwhelms us that at the end of the day we become confused, lost. Then let’s start from the basic. We wake up, eat breakfast (or at least some of us do), go to work, have lunch, have coffee after work, then to dinner then go home to sleep. It’s a never ending cycle for any regular employee that the only other break we get from this type of routine is if we get sick. Let’s face it; we hate it every time it happens. But what do we really do to avoid it? Well, nothing really.

PhilCare 360

I say this because I realized this is what we are missing when I received the Philcare Wellness Box recently which was filled with a lot of healthcare items reminding me that it’s not too late to care for our health through exercise and work-outs, eat the right food and veer away from too much fast and junk foods that is associated with the busy lifestyle we had today. Getting sick is not a joke both physically and financially as we had to deal with expensive medication and worst hospitalization, and loss of income at the time of confinement. As the saying goes – prevention is better than the cure.

PhilCare Smart Card

Included in the package is a PhilCare SMART CHECK-UP prepaid card valued at P499 which can be use by individuals who are in need to know the comprehensive state of their health through Annual Physical Examination. The SMART CHECK-UP CARD is also especially useful for companies who need their potential employees to undergo Pre-employment Examination. The card can be used in selected Hi-Precision clinics (view complete list here: and at the PhilCare Makati clinic located in Ayala Avenue, Makati and PhilCare Manila Clinic along Roxas Boulevard, Manila (in front of US Embassy).

Smart Check-Up gives you access to a complete set of physical exams from the best doctors and health providers in PhilCare Clinics and affiliated providers for only P499, all in.

  • Medical History Taking
  • Physical Examination
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecalysis

Where to avail: PhilCare clinics

How to avail: Register through SMS before use. By appointment only; Card is surrendered upon availment; One-time availment only.

Additional Benefits:

  •  Preferential Rates 10% off on ultrasound procedures and 5% discount on laboratory and X-ray procedures arising from the use of the cards at the PhilCare Manila and Makati Clinics. One time availment only.
  • Access to PhilCareGo!Mobile Smart Check-Up lets you download your exam results via the PhilCareGo!Mobile App on your Android device.
  • Participation in PhilCare 360 Wellness activities  You can also use your Smart Check-Up to become a myPhilCare member so you can enjoy exclusive deals and invites on wellness.
  •  Hassle Free membership
  •  No age restriction and no need for enrollment requirements.

As the Top HMO provider in the Philippines, PhilCare is one of the first and among the largest HMO companies in the country. PhilCare is striving to make health care services and its extensive and high-quality provider network available to every Filipino through various prepaid health card.

For more info and updates visit their Facebook page at and follow them in Twitter as @philcareph and in Instagram@philcareph.

Fashionable and timeless gifts for your loved ones

The heart month has come and gone and yet our penchant for gift giving doesn’t end with once or twice a year but on all special occasions that we can think of. Even ones we tend to make a celebration out of just for the heck of it.

And because of all these celebrations we make, we also get to that point wherein we eventually run out of ideas for gifts. One of the good ideas to fall back on would be knowing what that person is interested in, whether it’s a missing angel figurine, or a red colored mug to complete the rainbow collection. Even a handwritten letter sent by post also makes a world of difference specially in this new technology era that we are in.

paris-bijoux-bb2355a-bangle-multicolor-1846-416163-1-zoomTo get more gift ideas, you can visit online shops like Lazada, one of the biggest online mall in the Philippines where you can buy almost everything, will be found here from home furnishings to gadgets, to fashion accessories like statement shirts or statement mugs, and even statement bracelets. All these pieces plus a few jewelry or platinum rings will always leave an impression and will continue to give you a few more gifts to give in the years to come.

Music and work-outs are best tandem

zumbaSince I started my fitness program almost two years ago, I can already see and feel the outcome. I eat all the food I like without worry of becoming heavy because of the exercises I’ve regularly doing. It burns the fats in my body every time I do my work-outs and more importantly, I enjoy what I’m doing. The exercise I’ve been telling here is Zumba, a dance exercise that was accidentally created by Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez from Colombia in 1995 and since then became a craze all over the world where it caters to all ages, young and old. At first it uses Latin music for its dance steps but now even modern music are incorporated in. I won’t be surprise if some of the songs use 63 Fender reverb pedal in their arrangements.

Work-outs are best done with buddies, you won’t get bored when you have a company that laugh and get fit with you. :)

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