Zumba at home

Rainy days are here again, the cold temperature plus the wet weather always made me want to stay home and let the time passes by, watching the rains fall outside the window, this is where procrastination sets in, just chillin out and relaxing. But hey, this also made me feel heavy, no work-outs and exercises at all, can’t run or just walk to sweat out outside. 🙁

zumba at home

Well, I found lots of exercises to do in the comfort of my home, zumba videos are abundant at Youtube channel, lively music with tc electronic to accompany me when I danced my heart out keeping me fit and healthy even if the weather is sooo gloomy, finished 17 tracks non-stop and feeling addicted too into this set of videos. Yup, there is no excuse when you want to accomplish something, if there’s a will there’s a way.

Be safe and dry everyone, in this part of the world it’s rainy season, while on the other side is summer.. so enjoy whatever weather you have!!! 🙂




Hair Loss Solution



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Hair loss can affect both men and women of any age. Some can be temporary and some can be permanent. One of the common causes of hair loss could be due to hereditary condition. In this condition, men usually starts with receding hairline or bald spots and for women, it usually starts with thinning hair. Other common causes could be due to underlying health condition, medical issue, pregnancy, hormonal changes, emotional stress & etc. Hair loss can be demoralizing to both men and women.

For those with permanent hair loss e.g. receding hairline, bald spots or thinning hair, there is hope in hair transplants. Hair transplant technology has improved over the years and the success rate of hair transplants has also increased.

I know of a lady friend and her sister, both in their thirties having the same hair problem i.e. balding spots. The doctors told them that the cause of balding spots were hereditary. Simplest and a temporary solution is for them to wear a wig. But wearing a wig can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable especially when the weather is hot. Both are looking to other alternatives and one of them is hair transplant. Through medicaldeparture.com, the elder sister chose to go through a hair transplant treatments performed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor. Initially she was worried but she took the bold decision to have it done. Shortly after booking an appointment with the chosen medical doctor, she was given a thorough consultation to assess her condition and she was recommended the suitable treatment. They saw great improvement after a few treatments.

When the younger sister saw the improvement of her sister’s hair condition, she also went for the hair treatment. She has lesser treatments because her balding spots problems were not so serious. Both sisters are happy with the way treatments were done by the doctor.


Fashion Forward Plus Size Models Like Ashley Graham Know That Bikinis Are for Every Body Type


Women are constantly bombarded with ads about what makeup to use, which hairstyle to have, and what clothes to wear. Unfortunately, the models in these ads are rarely what you would call an average woman. Naturally slim and airbrushed to perfection, these models uphold exclusionary beauty standards and the clothes found in stores reflect that. If you stray from these standards, a simple shopping trip can become a real challenge. This is especially true when you’re shopping for a new swimsuit. Made for women with flat tummies and zero hips, the majority of bikinis aren’t made for real women.


Just because you can’t fit in a low-slung, sized 2 bikini without any support doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while on the beach. Anyone who’s seen Ashley Graham or Robin Lawley will know that women of all shapes and sizes can rock revealing styles just as well as anyone else. While plenty of department stores often dismiss plus sized fashion, there are online retailers that cater to the ever day woman.With styles available in sizes 8 – 24, women who don’t fit the mould can finally find a swimsuit they feel confident wearing – even a bikini!

When you shop with plus sized retailers like swimsuitsforall, you can find swimwear that’s been specifically designed with your body type in mind. These suits aren’t just a larger version of the teeny-weeny bikinis you see every day. They’re created to complement your plus sized curves, so they can offer you support where you need it without compromising on style. With a simple click of your mouse, you can find your perfect plus size bikini at swimsuitsforall.com, choosing from fashionable high-waisted styles to beautiful underwire bikinis in all of the hottest colors and patterns.

Imagine walking down the beach in a swimsuit you feel good about wearing. Summer will take on a totally new meaning, as you can finally wear a flattering and comfortable suit wherever the season takes you. Whether it’s at an all-inclusive resort or a roof-top pool and patio, you’ll never think twice about showing off a bit of skin when you’re in a sexy bikini that fits your curves.

Head online to see what kind of bikinis are available in your size. You might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of selection you’ll have online compared to what’s in-store. But you’ll get used to it. Soon enough, your shopping cart will be full of the season’s latest styles. And at the affordable online prices most retailers offer, you can stand to order a few – which means, even at a size 32, you can rock a look that rivals the styles you see in popular ads.


Zumba work-out at home



When I’m not in the mood to go out and attend my Zumba class, I just turned my computer on and go to Youtube channel to watch and follow the dance steps of the many Zumba videos I can find there. Doing the work-outs at the comfort of my room any time of the day usually starts at late morning when I’m done with my regular house chores. I know how important it is to sweat out and shake my body to keep me fit and healthy, moving those muscles with the beat. Dancing also clears my mind of stress and other worries resulting for a more alert and happy me.

Listening to upbeat music made me feel young and keep me updated to modern sounds that my children are into. lol.. Having a big b-52 speakers with good quality sounds made me fully enjoy the tune and the exercise as well. So for moms who have no time to go to gym for work-outs, you can also try this exercise at home, check more videos not only of Zumba but some other form of exercises to keep you going. Remember: health is wealth.

Learning More about Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

People who are severely addicted to drugs and alcohol may be ill-fitted for outpatient or day rehabilitation services. They need more intensive care to help them overcome their substance abuse issues. If you have ever wondered about residential treatment programs like First Steps Recovery and other similar facilities, you might do well to do some online research before checking yourself or a loved one into this kind of program. You can get all of the information you need about programs like the best detox centers in Gann Valley SD and other services elsewhere by visiting the company’s online website today.

Unique Aspects of Residential Drug Abuse Services

The term “residential” should key someone into what kind of services are offered with this type of program. When someone becomes a resident of the program, they in essence move into the facility for an extended stay. It is different than inpatient because the term of stay may be longer and the monitoring of the person in rehab may be continuous, at least for the first few weeks or months. Every detail of the person’s day is planned out; he or she is never left alone to face the temptation to use again.

The typical stay in one of these programs can be as long as three to six months. Some of the stays are court ordered while others are voluntary. When people move into one of these facilities, they really do in fact become a resident of the facility. They sleep, eat, bathe, and do chores at the facility, carrying out a sober life that they normally would have outside of the facility had they not become addicted to drugs.

They also are in constant contact with a host of professionals trained to help them regain sobriety. These professionals may include in-home therapists and counselors, doctors, spiritual advisers, and occupational therapists. From the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night, the people who live in these treatment facilities are in touch with the people assigned to care for them. A typical day may start with helping to make breakfast for everyone, eating, and then meeting with the doctor who will examine residents for signs of illness or stress. People may then meet individually with counselors or attend group therapy sessions.

They might then engage in creative activities like painting, sculpting, music, and other activities designed to help them relax and find constructive ways to express themselves. After they take part in creative activities, they may then meet with spiritual advisers for prayer, yoga, meditating, and more.

Some people may also meet with visitors if they are healthy enough for this activity. People who are new to the program might need additional time to acclimate to the new environment. They may also need time to recuperate mentally and physically before they host visitors.

Some programs take residents out for occasional field trips to local museums or the beach. The exercise is designed to help their minds and bodies recover and to teach their bodies to function without needing drugs. As people spend time in the program, they progressively heal and become stronger. By the time they reach the end of their stay, they are able to live a normal, sober life in society again.

Choosing a Facility for You

If you know that you would not do well in a day service or in an outpatient program, you may instead look for a residential program online. You can use the links on the website to vet programs in the state. You can also use the toll-free number on the website to locate services near you in the state.

The locations link at the top of the page also provides a comprehensive listing of all of the residential services in your area. You can choose facilities found on that list and make the call to those programs in the privacy of your own home.

You likewise can read the company’s blog to discover more about why residential care may be right for you. This information can help you remain confident and proactive about your journey to recovery.

Residential drug rehabilitation services can be ideal for addicts who are in need of intensive help. They thrive on the constant monitoring and structure of the program. You can find a facility close to you and also learn more about the program itself when you use the links and resources on the website.

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