5 reasons to have laser hair removal

Traditional methods of hair removal (razors, tweezers, waxing, etc.) provide only a temporary and transient relief. On average, a razor is used 2 times a week i.e. 104 times a year which takes 35 hours of your time. Waxing takes 25.5 hours, if you are lucky that is, and it is possible for you to wax every 3 weeks. All this is accompanied by skin irritation, hair getting thicker and stronger, fragged hairs, ingrown hairs, etc.

Imagine epilation without fighting with razors, hot or cold wax odors, and pain. Laser hair removal is the fastest way of permanent epilation – easy, harmless, anti-allergic, painless, without damaging the delicate pores and skin structure. On average, it takes 2 hours for the entire leg epilation, but the treatments are sparse because after the first treatment, you can relax the next 3 months. The laser is up to 60 times faster than electrolysis (another method of permanent epilation) and proved painless.

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Laser hair removal has many advantages compared to conventional waxing or shaving, and experience and results after the treatment are unbeatable.

Long-term performance – About 90% of patients have permanent hair loss after an average of three to five treatments. Basically, you will be completely free from unwanted hair while, for example, waxing must constantly be repeated every 20 – 30 days. Laser removes the hair at its root and eventually it stops to grow.

Long-term savings – Although laser hair removal is more expensive than e.g. Egyptian waxing in the beginning, in a long run, laser hair removal saves more than 50 percent of money you would have spent on hair removing products. The laser hair removal cost at Clear Skin Care depends on the surface to be treated and is formed individually for each patient.

No more irritations – Waxing can worsen the condition of the problematic veins, but laser hair removal is performed by acting on the hair itself and not the composition of the surrounding pores and skin tissue. Laser hair removal does not irritate the skin and is irreplaceable when it comes to solving the problem of ingrown hairs, which often leads to inflammation of hair follicles.

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Comfort – Waxing is a more painful method than laser hair removal, which, in some areas, is completely painless, and in sensitive areas such as the upper lip, chin and groin causes only a mild tingling sensation.

The safest method of permanent hair removal – The laser can treat all regions of the face and body except the region around the eyes (eyebrows cannot be treated by laser). Patients often have a dilemma whether it is safe to have the armpits and groin area treated due to the glands that are present there. Still, it is completely safe because the laser beam penetrates only a few millimeters into the skin, and glands are found at much greater depth of several centimeters and remain intact during the process.

So, can you believe that after 8 hours in one year you could permanently solve your hairy problem? It sounds incredible, but the laser hair removal is the most attractive aesthetic innovation since a hair dryer. Laser hair removal will save time and money by permanently getting rid of those boring, unwanted hairs while keeping your skin smooth and pain free.

Why I love Zumba


As a regular reader of this health blog, you’ll know that I’m attending  Zumba class for my exercise for two years now and it gave me a lot besides healthy body and sound mind, I met new people and gained new friends and more importantly, the confidence with myself. If before I was too shy to dance in front of other people, now I can do it with ease as I only think it as just another exercise.

What I like about this work-out is it’s for everyone, young and old, male or female as long as you are a willing participant. You can do it anywhere even at the comfort of your own home. All you need is a music video that is readily available in Youtube channel to follow the steps of Zumba instructors as they do the Zumba. It’s up to you to use a midi control surface for crisp and clear music. So if you haven’t decide which type of work-out you want, I suggest try this one and you won’t get wrong. Remember with all the junk foods and fast foods we have around, it’s still best to have something to neutralize this for our health sake.

Get Prepared For Your Court Case

injury at workIf you’re injured in an accident at work, you may be able to file a claim for your injuries. In 2014, over $25 billion were paid out for workplace injuries according to the U.S. Department of Labor. To make sure you win your case, it’s important to get prepared and hire an Iowa workers compensation attorney who can help you.

Consulting an Attorney

When dealing with a workers compensation case, you need an attorney who knows the laws. Although some people try to present their own case in court, it’s not a good idea. Laws are complex, and most people don’t know enough about them to win a court case.

Compensation – Determining a dollar amount for your injuries must be validated by the amount of pain and suffering. If your damages exceed $10,000, an insurance adjuster will take your claim more seriously with an experienced lawyer on your side.

Damages – When you’re seeking future damages for lost wages due to medical leave and medical costs for long-term treatments, your attorney can work those costs into a fair settlement amount.

Fault – If there are any questions about who’s at fault for the accident, your attorney can help you prove the validity of your claim. The defendant’s attorney will argue against you.

Steps to Take After Your Injury

If you file a workers compensation claim, you’ll need documentation to support your claim and prove your case in court. Here are some important steps to take following your injury:

Get Medical Treatment

See a doctor and get medical treatment right away! If you don’t get proper medical treatment following your accident, you can lose your case. The extent of your injuries, pain and suffering, and necessary treatments need to be documented by your doctor. In court, a judge and jury will question the credibility and severity of your injuries if you did not seek medical attention following your accident.

Be Specific About Your Symptoms

When you visit your doctor, be specific about the type of pain you’re experiencing. It’s important to accurately describe your symptoms, since different symptoms indicate different injuries. An accurate diagnosis of your injuries will be important to your case. Your diagnosis may require x-rays, medication, exams by a specialist, and follow-up treatments.

Document Your Medical History

If you have pre-existing conditions, you’ll need documentation from your medical records to show that. For instance, if you had medical treatment for shoulder pain before your accident, then suffered a new shoulder injury in the accident, your doctor must know about both. If your workplace accident aggravates a pre-existing medical condition, the law allows you to file a claim. However, if your pre-existing condition isn’t documented, it may be difficult to win your case in court.

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