Beauty and Wellness in Fashion Accessories

HB_DBL_Amethyst_Sodalite_Hematite_Magnetic_Bracelet__72479.1405452714.386.513Multi-tasking doesn’t only apply in the workforce nowadays. Fashion pieces like bags, clothes, and accessories are now designed for multiple functions. Fashion runways even made room for wearable technology in the recent fashion week events. One accessory that combines fashion, beauty and wellness is the magnetic bracelet. The main attraction of these metallic pieces is the healing properties associated with it. It is supposedly able to help improve blood circulation, relieve pain, help neutralize free radicals, and improve one’s general well being. They are usually available in stainless steel, copper, titanium, and other metallic materials. But I also found a magnetic bracelet that has incorporated crystals in their design.

Quezon City Diamond Jubilee – Biggest Zumba Event

QC Diamond JubileezumbaHave you heard about the news? On Oct. 12, 2014 Quezon City will stage the biggest Zumba Fitness Outdoor Street Party event in time for its 75th Diamond Jubilee. The event will be held in Quezon City Memorial Circle, this is an attempt to break the record set by India in the Guiness’ Book of World Record as having the biggest attendees of  Zumba in 2012 headed by Dinaz Vervatvala with 6,671 participants.

Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista said “while Zumba fitness is known as an international exercise craze, the Quezon City government aims to elevate it as a fun, exciting, and highly engaging social activity to get all Quezonians moving and grooving as one, as they aim to make new history for our beloved city.
We are happy to announce that our application has been officially noted and accepted by the Guinness.  In the spirit of unity, we are looking forward to make this event a big and fun-filled celebration for all. We are anticipating that this celebration will bring in participants from all over the city as well as those from neighboring cities to rally with us in this record-breaking endeavor.”

Everybody is welcome to join, even those from other cities, the more the merrier, because this will be the country’s pride as a whole. Our Zumba group the AEROMATES will be joining too to become part of this gargantuan event and everybody’s already excited. There will be lots of groovin’ and dancin’ to sweat the fats away! Lively music like from will fill the air, it’s gonna be fun fun fun….

Does Owning Pets Lead to a Healthy Life?

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, it’s like having a child of your own. You have to feed, bathe, love  and take care of it. We have dogs as pets as far as I can remember, since I was still a baby and up to now with my own family.

pet dogMy present dog is now 13 or 14 yrs. old, she is already blind due to old age and not very active anymore, I was thinking if I will get another dog as her company. She is a joy to the family especially to my youngest son who let her sleep in his room every night.

But not just being a happiness to the family, pets also give healthy benefits to their owners, here are 10 Benefits of Having Pets I found from Team  and I know it’s all true.

  1. Decreased Stress – a little hug and lick from them can take away those nasty stress.
  2. More Exercise   – when you play with your dog/s or walk them, just imagine how active they are and you need to keep up with them.
  3. A More Active Social Life
    Pets are a good conversation topic for pet owners and you’ll get to meet new friends in this circle
  4. Eases Pain
  5. Lowers Blood Pressure
  6. Lowers Cholesterol
  7. Keep Your Chin Up
  8. Cancer Detection
  9. Involves less Doctors
  10. Improves Mood  – pets are always happy to see their human owners, one very good reason to improve your mood and feel special, isn’t it?

And also a worthy basis to pamper them with EntirelyPets essentials.

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