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Happy International Women’s Day

canvasI want to greet all the women in the world including me a Happy International Women’s Day or should I say Month.  And thanks to Google for this wonderful greetings and video included. Women of today have really come a long long way from being a plain housewife or relegated to just being a stay-at-home person with less or no privilege at all as those given to men (though very sad still that it wasn’t the same for some, specially those that practice old-age traditions where men are considered superior beings than women).  Most women of today were able to exercise their rights and hold positions in private corporations or government offices that before were only reserved for the opposite sex. Hobbies as playing big musical instruments with or doing extreme sports like car racing, mountain climbing, skydiving  to deep sea diving are now achieved by adventurous women of today, all test to the limits of what they can do, women empowerment. And I would say we’ve done a great job.

Happy  International Women’s Month!!!

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