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Massage to relieve stress


Stress can put a strain on our body thus resulting to fatigue, irritability and unhealthy relationship with the people around us. Browsing my Facebook timeline, I found this video that could help ease out the pain and make us feel better. Very timely indeed as I’m suffering again with back ache and badly needed a massage like these.

Video credit : Bright Side

So I saved this on my timeline for future use for my husband and me, where we can follow  the step by step procedure to massage each other when we both feel tired and worn out and need to relax our weary muscles. Massaging regularly also regulates blood circulation leading to a sound and healthy mind and body, which is what music can do as well specially with tools like pioneer ddj sx for better listening.

So if you are suffering from fatigue, a little massage like in the video will help a lot.

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