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Lavender oil and soft music for a good night sleep


Last month was kinda stressful due to some personal matters and it triggered insomnia attack. Yes, that always happens when I get worried on something, my body wants to retire for the night but my mind is very much awake, giving me headache the next day. I already did some of the rituals like taking a shower to refresh the body and drink hot milk but to no avail.

So I got a lavender bath oil, a gift from a friend and said that it’s good for releasing stress in the body. Took a few drops and rub some on my forehead, neck and back, its fragrance is so calming. And to add to that, I listened to soft music on my phone while laying on bed, said a little prayer and tried to take off my mind from any negative thoughts that could spoil the momentum.

It worked like magic, my eyelids were slowly drooping and I fell asleep. I slept like a baby and my body was so relaxed the next day, with new ideas to tackle the problem and realized it wasn’t as bad as thought it was, this usually happens when your mind is clouded with negativity.

For the music that helps me through the night, I may sing along with a mike like sm7b, check it out at MusiciansFriend.com



Insomnia Effect

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping may be due to fatigue,  pressure from work, family problem or illness. This may influence not only your job but your relationships to the people surrounding you. When you’re not getting enough sleep, you tend to be irritable, grumpy and moody. Hard to get along and can’t perform properly. To have a goodnight sleep, make sure that your bedroom is clean and clutter-free, have a soft and comfortable bed. If you choose to take medicine to put you to sleep, be certain that it is not addictive yet effective, pick natural sleeping pills because these are free from harmful substances that might affect your health.

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