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How to Buy a Dressing Table Mirror – Important Things To Consider


Whether you are buying a dressing table mirror by itself or in conjunction with a new dressing table, there are a few areas of consideration to be aware of which will assist you in making your final decision. Dressing table mirrors are a great addition to any room. Not only do they provide function in the room and are used on a daily basis but they also improve the aesthetics and appeal of any bedroom.

#1. Modern Vs Traditional Mirrors

Dressing table mirrors are available in many different styles. Whether you choose to go with a modern mirror or a traditional styled mirror is entirely your choice. However, in making your decision, take into account surrounding furniture and the colours used in the room.

Obviously, a traditional styled mirror will look out of place in a modern bedroom and vice versa. However, colours play a more important part than one many think. For a modern coloured room with traditional styled furniture, both styles of mirrors can look acceptable.

#2. Shape And Size Of Mirror

In addition to being available in various styles, dressing table mirrors can be bought in many different shapes and sizes. To a certain extent the shape of mirror you decide to buy is closely related to the style in which you decide to buy. However in saying that, two mirrors may be the same shape, one being modern and the other more traditional.

The size of the mirror will be dependent on the size of your dressing table. There are advantages in having a larger surfaced mirror, such as opening up the room and creating an illusion that there is more space. A smaller mirror would be more appropriate if you want to draw focus to other features in the room.

#3. Border Of Mirror

It can be said that when choosing a dressing table mirror, that you are deciding on the frame instead. How much can mirrors really differ? Take this into account when making your decision. The style, colour and thickness of the border should be consistent with the colour and decor of your bedroom. If this is not possible, try to make the dressing table mirror as least contrasting as possible, perhaps by buying a borderless mirror.

Additionally, the materials used in the border are an important aspect to consider. Some materials commonly used include steel, wood, wicker, plastic and fabric.

#4. Buy An Illuminated Mirror

Illuminated mirror allow you to look at yourself in a lighting that is diffused and just right to make you see yourself in the right light and can cast the most relaxing shadows around you. Another advantage that you will get with an illuminated dressing table mirrors is that you don’t have to make cleaning of them a regular chore. As the lamps in illuminated mirrors are behind the glass, the surface on top remains smooth and hence easy to clean. There are no small nooks and crevices in an illuminated dressing table mirror for you to try hard to scrub out the dirt from.

An illuminated mirror is just the right mirror to be used for shaving or applying makeup with precision.

#5. Other Factors To Take Into Account

Obviously, do not choose a dressing table mirror in isolation. Make sure it will suit the actual dressing table and be compatible (size and connecting the two together). Whether you go with a mirror that needs to be attached or one that sits on the table is entirely your decision and will not make a big difference.

Similarly, dressing table mirrors can be static (as in not movable) or adjustable. Obviously adjustable types are more functional; however it will depend on what uses you intend to use the mirror for. You may also choose to go with multiple mirrors instead of a single faced mirror.



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