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Mind and Body Rejuvenation

We were on the beach last week and it’s so nice to escape once in a while from the noise and heat of the city. As the summer season here had officially ended and we are experiencing occasional rain showers but the temperature is still high, so a last summer hurray is a welcome respite, even if it took us 6 hours to reached our destination, all worth it.

The sound of the waves in the early morning is music to our ear like as Guitar Center has, michael kelly guitars at a great price!. The cool, fresh breeze and smell of the ocean felt like cleansing our souls from all the anxiety and worries of everyday life. For a while we forgot all the problems and pressures of our daily routine, tensions that could lead to health problems. This is why we need to get away once in a while to rejuvenate and unwind.

Summer Holiday

The whole family is planning to have a weekend get-away next month before the Holy Week. Our destination: the beach. Young members of the family are very excited and are shopping for new swimsuits. Since hearing of the plan, they visited the gym regularly to have a fit body and be ready for the summer. Since they are young and active, it’s very easy for them to lose unwanted pounds. As of now we’re  still searching for nice place to stay, a cottage that is near the beach with complete amenities like own kitchen and bath.

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