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Crave Healthy snack for Moms-to-be



  • Crave Healthy is the first snack product in the Philippines that is
    specifically designed for the pregnant woman by doctors and
  • It’s NUTRITIOUS because it contains essential nutrients – Folic Acid, Iron,
    and Calcium that are critical for both the mom and her growing baby. It
    also has reduced salt and just the right amount of calories that give the
    pregnant woman that extra energy she needs daily.
  • It’s DELICIOUS because it tastes just like her regular snack.

Crave Healthy is currently available in Sweet Corn flavor and does not have any
aftertaste of nutrient fortifications.

It helps support the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their developing fetus.
A healthy way to satisfy hunger and food cravings of pregnant

A pack of Crave is worth Php 25.00 at 30 grams each. It’s available online
at, select Med Express branches, and select
Robinsons Supermarket outlets

ATHENA – Milk for Women Like Me

No other milk understands you better.

Women like you, who are always on the go, seek to strike a balance between work and personal time to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why you need to stay fit and attractive, to look good and feel good whenever you can. You have unique needs that only women like you truly understand.

Introducing Athena, the milk especially formulated to meet your
special nutritional needs.

  • High Calcium essential for optimum bone health. It is also a source of
    Vitamins D and K, Magnesium and Phosphorus – nutrients to help maintain
    strong bones
  • Low in Fat so you can enjoy this beverage without the risk of high
    caloric intake
  • Source of Anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A & E and Zinc to help
    maintain healthy skin and promote optimum immune function.
    Athena, a delicious beverage made just for you.
    Drink Athena today!
    Athena comes in two flavors – Milk (180 grams – Php 130.00; 400 grams –
    Php 273.00) and Choco (180 grams – Php 130.00). It’s available online at and in-store at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, and Southstar.

4-Minute work-out at home


Sharing this video of 4-minute workout you can do at home (video credit to the owner, You’reGorgeous).

Since it’s too hot to go out due to this summer heat and also the bizarre traffic you encounter on the road everyday, here’s a few minutes of exercise you can do at the comfort of your home anytime of the day.

Just add a bit of music to keep you going like the sound of alto sax and before you know it, you have finished one session and be ready for another one, just a reminder for beginners, do at your own pace and try to do at least 15 to 20 minutes and you’re gonna be gorgeous, fit and healthy in no time. Enjoy!

Reality Check – Shed off that pounds away


OMG it’s already a month after the holiday season officially ends and you haven’t shed off those extra pounds accumulated during those times. lol. #RealityCheck – One of the hardest things to do is to go on diet if your meaning of diet is starving yourself which is very very wrong. You just need to lessen your intakes of carbs, fats and sweets which were abundantly served at the feast table during the holiday season. Okay, easily said than done, been there and I always get sidetrack, I’m just human you know, hahaha. DISCIPLINE is really the key. 🙂

Image courtesy of nenetus at

Eat more healthy food like veggies and fruits and sweat out those excess weight by simply walking, running/jogging, go up and down the stairs of your home or office (lessen the elevator rides and you’re doing your company some favor by saving on electric bills and yourself more). Do some stretching/dancing work-out at home in the tune of lively music, you can try to look at has komplete 10 for more bubbly music accompaniment.

There’s no harm in trying and you might succeed without noticing it. 🙂




Zumba at home

Rainy days are here again, the cold temperature plus the wet weather always made me want to stay home and let the time passes by, watching the rains fall outside the window, this is where procrastination sets in, just chillin out and relaxing. But hey, this also made me feel heavy, no work-outs and exercises at all, can’t run or just walk to sweat out outside. 🙁

zumba at home

Well, I found lots of exercises to do in the comfort of my home, zumba videos are abundant at Youtube channel, lively music with tc electronic to accompany me when I danced my heart out keeping me fit and healthy even if the weather is sooo gloomy, finished 17 tracks non-stop and feeling addicted too into this set of videos. Yup, there is no excuse when you want to accomplish something, if there’s a will there’s a way.

Be safe and dry everyone, in this part of the world it’s rainy season, while on the other side is summer.. so enjoy whatever weather you have!!! 🙂




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