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When you’re stressed out, where to go?


Summer is a very hectic season for a family, traveling out of town and trip to the beach are just ┬ásome of the activities we all do. As much as we enjoy the holiday, we also experience fatigue from all the planning and preparations. For moms like me who must over-see everything will be go as planned and make sure that everybody enjoys the trip, body and muscle pains from stress is expected, and what could be the better way to relax the weary body? Go to a spa and have a full body massage, yay!!! Have your ‘me-time‘. ­čÖé

And this is what we did, my daughter and I just visited Jasmine Therapeutic Spa to have that much-needed massage our bodies desperately wanted.

Since it was recommended by my daughter’s friend, we had to try this. The place is neat and the service is good. We both felt relaxed after the one-hour session. They have well-trained therapists to provide the services with very affordable fee. And we didn’t regret that we tried their service.

Their location is easy to find just along the highway in Brixton st. North Fairview, Quezon City. If you happen to be near the place and looking for a good spa and massage services, you can drop by or schedule an appointment and / or ask for home service (yes, they do), here is their contact info: 0916-696-7178


Lavender oil and soft music for a good night sleep


Last month was kinda stressful due to some personal matters and it triggered insomnia attack. Yes, that always happens when I get worried on something, my body wants to retire for the night but my mind is very much awake, giving me headache the next day. I already did some of the rituals like taking a shower to refresh the body and drink hot milk but to no avail.

So I got a lavender bath oil, a gift from a friend and said that it’s good for releasing stress in the body. Took a few drops and rub some on my forehead, neck and back, its fragrance is so calming. And to add to that, I listened to soft music on my phone while laying on bed, said a little prayer and tried to take off my mind from any negative thoughts that could spoil the momentum.

It worked like magic, my eyelids were slowly drooping and I fell asleep. I slept like a baby and my body was so relaxed the next day, with new ideas to tackle the problem and realized it wasn’t as bad as thought it was, this usually happens when your mind is clouded with negativity.

For the music that helps me through the night, I may sing along with a mike like sm7b, check it out at



Mind and Body Rejuvenation

We were on the beach last week and it’s so nice to escape once in a while from the noise and heat of the city. As the summer season here had officially ended and we are experiencing occasional rain showers but the temperature is still high, so a last summer hurray is a welcome respite, even if it took us 6 hours to reached our destination, all worth it.

The sound of the waves in the early morning is music to our ear like as Guitar Center has, michael kelly guitars at a great price!. The cool, fresh breeze and smell of the ocean felt like cleansing our souls from all the anxiety and worries of everyday life. For a while we forgot all the problems and pressures of our daily routine, tensions that could lead to health problems. This is why we need to get away once in a while to rejuvenate and unwind.

Is it Time for a Stress Check?

stressStress is one of the most common health concerns that people encounter today. Multi-tasking and a fast paced lifestyle are the usual stress inducers. It may be difficult to for a career woman to avoid stress but there are certainly ways to manage it. First is to identify the situations that cause stress and make adjustments to combat it. This may include a variety of changes in time management, striking a balance in work, family, and self, adopting healthy eating habits, and having a fitness routine. Finding a relaxing hobby, playing with musical keyboards or regular visits to the spa are also good options for relieving stress. In some cases, medical intervention is needed to avoid other health complications. If you find yourself juggling several tasks at a time or barely having time to unwind then you may want to get a stress check before it is too late.


Soothing Acoustic Music for Tired Body and Mind


Its weekend once again and nothing beats a chill out mode after rushing through a busy week. Growing up with cool and relaxing music makes one crave for its soothing sounds especially if during stressful times. For some playing their acoustic guitars are enough to ease out the pressure and stresses, but for those who can only appreciate music as it is, listening to bands playing acoustic music is a divine experience. There are many types of guitars that are being used in different music joints, but the classical guitar at wwbw sounds crystal clear and make for great musical quality during acoustic nights in our favorite hang out nearby.


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