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I’m a mother of three grown-ups, a daughter and 2 sons. We have a small internet cafe at home, that’s why I have a few knowledge in computer assembling and programming. Hubby is a freelance graphic artist and also into buy and sell business of scrap computer parts. That’s my offline life.

And now for the online side. I’m currently managing 9 blogs as follows:

Josie’s Window that usually tackles everything from Parenting, Family matters, Home-improvement to business and environment or anything that is worth talking about.

 I have Josie’s Kitchen where I share some of my recipes, cooking and kitchen tips and also some food adventures on my Happy Meals that me and my family had.

You’ll get a lot of  beauty ideas and healthy tips here on my  Health and Beauty on Files.

If you want some adventures on fashion and accessories just head on to our  Vanity Speaks  which I shared with my daughter who can motivate you on trying out these simple do-it-yourself  beauty and fashion tips.

Travel with me as I posted photos of beautiful places that I personally visited and those of my relatives and friends with my Travel Sites and Scenes blog.

And if those were not enough the mother figure in me always comes up with family topics here at  Momma Helps and trying to have a more Positive Standpoint when dealing with  family and home matters.

You can always find me here at my  Blogger Facebook + twitter account + Google +

or email me at josie_1258@yahoo.com