Grand Lotto worth Php 311-M

Yikes! The Grand Lotto pot money has reached Php 311,938,542 (approx. $ 7,404,762) as of the last draw (Wed. Nov.3 ) with no winner/s yet. Gosh, who could be the lucky person/s to win the jackpot prize? Definitely not me.Β  πŸ™‚

Before the draw, long lines of people were seen at all Lotto stations to buy tickets trying their luck to hit the jackpot, but so far nobody has picked the winning number combination. So better luck next time forΒ  people who want to become instant millionaires.

A Catholic Bishop is not happy with bettors praying to win the lotto and criticized bettors who only pray to win in gambling and even wiping their tickets to the images of the saints inside the church.Β  “The Catholic Church opposes gambling in any form, saying it is a menace to society and promotes the wrong values of depending on sheer luck instead of hard work.”

But who could blame these people to aspire for a better life and try their luck in any way they can to make that dream come true.

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